What If? You Are and Life Is Miraculous!
ABC, Affirmation, Art Coloring Book

What If? You Are and Life Is Miraculous! is filled with enchanting Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart © plus inviting, humorous, unexpected words, an ABC, Affirmation, and Art Coloring Book for children, adolescents, teens and adult.
This book also builds vocabulary, self-worth, curiosity, and exploration.

Coloring is the New Meditation!

A must for home, school, after-school. On 100% post-consumer recycled paper, this is Audrye’s first printed book.

$24.97 + Tax ($1.50 in Florida) + $3.97 shipping/handling.
Group rates can be arranged for order of over 100 books, paid in full upfront.

Shifting Life Energy Seminar Trio
Presented by GoddessHeart and Achee

Time to shift our vibration! Operating at “normal” third-dimensional reality is self-defeating and inappropriate. As individuals and a species, we are being impulsed to raise our frequency. Let’s do this! Plus clearings, fun, more….

What: A series of three 2-hour seminars to be experienced sequentially that cause you to shift your frequency.

2/6 Saturday 1-3 pm Breathing: The Breath of Life
2/13 Saturday 1-3 pm Meditation: The Touchstone of Life
2/20 Saturday 1-3 pm Healing: The Exuberance of Life

When: The first three Saturdays in February, 1-3 pm

How Much: These are SPECIALLY PRICED to make it easy for YOU and YOURS to take these experiential classes.

Paid in the first two weeks in January: $97 Total
Paid in advance of each class, each class: $38/class
The day of first class, the entire series is $147
Paid per class the day of class, $56/class

Where: The GoddessHeart Gallery Salon in Lauderdale Lakes, FL. Address given when payment processed.

Who: Audrye S. Arbe, Frequency Shifter, Transformation Catalyst, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Therapist, Psychic, Author, Artist

Call for into and to register:1.888.757.3223

Super Readings Special
on Private Sessions with Audrye

Reading & Healings Bonanza for YOU!

What has you perplexed? Where are you stuck? What about that relationship? Should you stay or go? Do you really know what's going on with your child? What do you want to know? Want to know about your spiritual path?

Get answers from Audrye - ways to process and possibility here now
from this world-class mystic intuitive, healer, clairvoyant.

15 minute Session for ONLY $35
Limit one per person
One Session for $170 (normally $200)
Two Sessions for $300 (normally $400)

Grab this opportunity NOW!!!!
Huge savings for you PLUS you get the information and energy infusion you need to create your best life.

YOUR CHOICE: Psychic Readings, Astrology, Past-Life Regressions, Soul Cards, Healings, Reiki/Light Channeling, MORE!!! Readings can be in person or on the phone. We can also use cell phones to Skype or do a Google Hangout!

Order NOW to get your energy tune-up!

Choose Number of Sessions:

How many of us live this as our reality?

It IS possible to be the souls we are here and now, merging the
realms of spirit with third dimension.

How often are you your essence, fully present NOW ecstatically opening to life?

Any outmoded patterns, emotions, belief systems, energetics in your way?

Imagine being the REAL YOU! Now is the time!!!

How do you make this as delightful and easy as possible?

© Audrye S. Arbe